Grace- The NEST facilitator

Hi, I’m Grace,
I’ve been interested in supporting parents for over 15 years. With a degree in Youth and Community Work I understand all about the importance of building strong groups, spaces where we can journey together through common life events. I began with experience of toddler groups, and recognised the need to provide safe space not just for children, but also for parents, to feel supported, listened to, and to be able to signpost to extra support.

My own parenting journey hasn’t been easy, but that experience, along with my skills in group facilitation, in listening, mean I’m passionate about creating a safe space for you and your family, there’s no judgement here- only love and compassion as we seek to be gentle parents, both with our children but also with ourselves.

I’m a qualified Babywearing peer supporter, a member of the UK Nappy Network, and a Methodist minister, but my primary aim is to support each family to make the right choices for them, so that they can be nurtured, empowered, strong- together.