A safe space for families to grow and flourish together

New and Expecting- Supported Together

It’s been one of the toughest times in living memory for everyone. And new parents have had it even tougher. We are launching the NEST where a small group can gather and spend time together, play with their babies, talk, laugh, cry. With a focus on gentle parenting there will be support with cloth nappies and with slings (with a qualified peer supporter) however you don’t need an interest in those things to come along. The NEST offers safe space to talk together about life with little ones- feeding, sleep patterns, cuddles and cake. You are welcome however you feed, however you sleep, whatever your family looks like. This is safe space for you.

Non-mobile babies and bumps are most welcome. (we can’t cater for older siblings, but we run alongside a toddler group in Killinghall)

Where is The NEST? The NEST offer sessions in community venues, along with the option of being part of a WhatsApp network for your venue, so you can build your safe space, together.

Everyone is welcome at the NEST, however you have become a parent, whatever your family looks like. Nurturing- Empathetic- Space- Together. We build this space together by ensuring we care for each other, listen, and create hope-filled non-judgemental space. If you want to be part of a safe space parenting community we want you in the NEST.

What happens at the NEST? There’s tea and coffee, snacks and conversation facilitated by Grace who is experienced in empathetic listening, equipping groups, and has two children of her own, as well as lots of experience of working alongside families. It’s space for you, with your little ones, to meet other families, talk about babies, share solidarity on the sleepless nights, laugh, cry and learn from one another as we navigate parenting together.

How much does a session at the NEST cost? We believe family support and safe space to flourish should be available to everyone, no matter what their ability to pay. (And we know parental leave can be incredibly draining on finances) However sessions do have costs to cover, so if you are able we would appreciate a donation. There will be contactless payment and a cash donation bowl at the venue, and you can donate online .

There is no need to book, but if you want to make contact before you arrive so you know there’s a friendly face waiting to greet you just fill in our Say Hello! form and we can chat by email or WhatsApp.

Who runs the NEST? Meet Grace our experienced facilitator and mum of two, she’s passionate about supporting families and building communities.